Connect: Android Device using the Mail App

Connect: Android Device using the Mail App



Microsoft Exchange Mobility/ActiveSync allows synchronization of compatible Android devices with the system. The directions on this page show how to configure these types of devices. Due to variation in Android versions, some menu options may differ from these directions if your devices are out-of-date or there has been a new release since these instructions.

Android devices have the Mail app included.  For setting up with Outlook app, please see Related Articles on this page.

Before you begin:

If you are on campus, you may want to connect your Android devices to the GoTrojans wireless network.  See Related Articles on this page.

Connect your Android device:

Select Email (or Mail) on the Applications menu. 

Enter your email address in the following form, substituting your actual address: / /

Enter your Login password in the Password space, and then press Next.

Select whichever of the following options is available on your device:

Exchange account

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync


Choose either step a or b based on what is shown on your screen: 

a)    If you see separate "Domain" and "Username" spaces:

Domain: DSU

Username: DSU Network User Name

Note: If you are unsure of your DSU Network User Name check by going to What Are My Accounts

b)    If you see a combined space for "Domain\Username":

Domain\Username: DSU\network user name

Enter the following information and then press Next:

Password: (Your DSU Network Password)

Exchange Server:

Note: If presented with a "Remote Security Administration" message, review the included wording, and then press OK to accept and continue.

Choose your preferences on the Account Options screen, and then press Next. Options some models provide include the following:

Email checking frequency: Users with metered data plans should carefully consider this option.

Amount to synchronize: Maximum age of email to be kept on your device.

Notify me when email arrives: Notifies you when new email messages are received.

Sync contacts from this account: Synchronizes contacts between your device and your account.

Sync SMS: We suggest not including this option as your text messages can wind up in your DSU email account.

Provide a name for this account, such as DSU Email

Select Done

Visit the Notifications area on your device and look for an "Update security settings" message that includes "Activate device administrator." If you have this, review the contents, and then press Activate

You may need to wait up to 15 minutes after setting up your account for the device to begin to synchronize. If your device is not authenticating, please ensure you have the "SSL" option selected.



If you find that your device will not complete the configuration, please try the following:

Completely power down your device, restart it, and try the directions again.

Use your device's browser to attempt to connect to DSU’s Outlook Web App ( you are unable to see the Outlook Web App site prompting for your credentials, your device may not presently have a functional data connection.  If that is the case, please attempt this again from a location with a good data connection, or contact your cellular carrier for assistance with your data connection.  If you are able to see the Outlook Web App site asking you for your Login credentials, provide them and attempt to log in. If you are unable to log in, the problem may be with your account itself. In that case, please contact the ITS Support Desk for assistance with your account.

Temporarily disable cellular data on your device, and connect to Wi-Fi. If you are on campus, please connect to the GoTrojans wireless network. After connecting to a strong Wi-Fi signal, please go through the setup directions again. Be sure to turn your cellular data back on!

If you are still unable to get your device to connect, please contact the ITS Support Desk.


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