Get Connected to GoTrojans Wireless at DSU (Android Specific)

How To:  Connect to GoTrojans Wireless (Android) 



How to connect any android device to the GoTrojans Wireless network.  Although there are many flavors of the Android OS, this article should provide the basic setup.



 Open Wi-Fi Settings, do this by swiping down on your homepage and selecting the gear in the top right corner.  

Next, select the Wi-Fi tab within the settings menu, this will bring you to Wi-Fi settings:


Find and select the GoTrojans Wi-Fi network, if this option is not found, attempt to reload the list by reopening the Wi-Fi options. If still not found, you may need to contact network administrators to continue to troubleshoot your problems: 


You should be prompted with a GoTrojans page with an option to connect: 


Enter your Identity as your network username and password as your network password: 


You should now be connected! Enjoy! 



“It won’t let me log into the network” - make sure that you are correctly inputting your username and password, they will be your DSU credentials. 

“I don’t see GoTrojans as an option to connect to” - make sure you are in range of the network, if you still can’t see it try restarting your phone or rescanning for available network connections. 

For any other issues contact ITS Support Desk.


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