How To: Opt Out of the DSU Laptop Program

How To: Opt Out of the DSU Laptop Program



All undergraduate degree-seeking students taking six (6) or more on-campus credits are required to be part of the WMCI (Wireless Mobile Computing Initiative) program.  This is a one-time request that once granted is in effect until the student requests to participate in the program again.


Opt-Out Requirements: 

Students who request to opt-out of DSU’s Laptop Program must meet at least one of the following requirements:

Be an exchange student, attending only one/two semester(s).

DSU is not your home university.  You are a degree-seeking student with another SDBoR institution.

Be a junior or senior and have completed 59 credits or more prior to the end of the previous semester.

Purchased a Fujitsu laptop from sell inventory.


If you do not meet these requirements, your request will be denied until requirements are met.

Complete the DSU Request to Opt-Out of WMCI Program form:

Student can complete the opt-out request form in two ways:

ONLINE:  DSU Opt Out of Laptop Program Request

PAPER:  students may stop into the Support Desk and complete a paper copy of the request, staff will submit for approval.  If approving staff are available, students may wait for approval/denied response.

Request Deadline & Fees:

The deadline to submit this form is the CENSUS day of the upcoming/current semester.  Check the Academic Calendar for this date.

Students who receive an approved opt-out request will have the WMCI Laptop Program fee removed from their student billing each semester and replaced with Technology Access fee. 

There is no need to complete this request each semester, once a student has an approved opt-out request, the student is removed from the program.


Can students opt back into the program?

Yes.  If a student has issues with their personal device or has other various issues and wishes to opt back into the program after opting out, they only need to visit with the Director of Support Services to participate in the program.


Can I get support for my personal device once I have opted out of the laptop program?

Yes.  Although the Support Desk technicians are limited in their support of your device, technicians will do their best to get issues resolved and the student back in class.  DSU Support Services cannot be held responsible for any unresolvable issues on a personally owned device.


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