Connect: Add a Staff Campus Printer (Windows)

Connect:  Add a Staff Campus Printer (Windows)



DSU provides networked campus printer across the academic and administrative buildings for staff use.


Before you begin:

Make sure you are connected to the DSU network.


Connect to Campus Printer Instructions:

  1. Navigate to http://dsu-print-01.dsu.local:9163/setup and click the link to download and run the Mobility Print installer.
  2. Run the Mobility Print installer after it downloads and choose the language of choice and click OK.
  3. Accept agreement and click Next.
  4. Uncheck top printer unless you intend to map it. Choose all other printers to be mapped and click Next.
  5. Enter you DSU credentials and click Next, then Finished.

If you are getting an access denied please submit a ticket to have your name added to the correct security group for the printer you are trying to access. 

Staff Printers List: (updated 08/22/19)


Student Printers List:

Please bring your device to the Support Desk in K
arl Mundt Library if you are having any connect issues. 



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