Student Opinion Survey: Faculty Expectations

Student Opinion Survey:  Faculty Expectations



At the end of each term, Student Opinion Surveys are deployed to students across campus. These surveys are based on IDEA ( and administered through Campus Labs ( These are coordinated between the Offices of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment and Institutional Research.



Student Opinion Surveys must be administered to students prior to finals. Therefore, faculty members typically receive the link to the surveys three weeks before the end of the term. This leaves two weeks of administration of the survey and one week for finals (when surveys are closed).  If the class is shorter than normal, this timetable is slightly accelerated. There are three different types of surveys, which are administered based on the type of class:

IDEA Learning Essentials – this is the most common survey, issued to classes with more than 5 students
Locally Developed Survey – this survey is administered to classes with less than 5 students and/or performance classes that are dissimilar to typical lecture classes
University Experience – this survey is intended for students in University Experience classes, such as GS100

When you receive the IDEA surveys, you will need to select the objectives you want to measure in the survey.  When you receive the Locally Developed or University Experience surveys, you do not need to select objectives.

Note:  When selecting learning objectives, focus on 3 to 5 objectives that reach the over-arching scope of the class.  While you may be covering a wide range of learning objectives, pinpointing those 3 to 5 as “important” or “essential” will help make this more effective. Should you not choose any objectives, all of them will be marked as important – this will negatively impact results.

You will receive emails along the way as these are administered.  The first will be alerting you that the surveys are coming, the second will denote the surveys have opened, and typically a third message is sent just prior to their closing. When you receive the email noting that the surveys have been opened, you should share the link provided to your students.  Some faculty members plan for specific class time to be used so that students can complete these along with their peers. It is important to know that the link faculty members share with students is a generic link that gives students access to all of the surveys that are open for that student.  If your colleague has already shared the link with your students, it is possible that they have already completed the survey.

Approximately 1 week after final grades are due, you will be able to view your results from the surveys at the same link from which you selected your objectives.



Should you encounter any issues, feel free to contact OIEA at 605-256-5101 or


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