DSU Bookstore: Course Material Adoptions

DSU Bookstore:  Course Material Adoptions



To ensure students have access to required course materials at competitive prices and to meet the requirements set forth by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).  Course materials include, but are not limited to textbooks, access codes, art supplies, specific notebooks, open educational resources, links to videos, etc. 

HEOA requires that the University list the required course materials at the time of registration to the best of our ability or as soon as possible. 

DSU Bookstore



Send the following information for each required course material to bookstore@dsu.edu:

ISBN (13-digit preferred)
Edition (if applicable)
Required, Recommended, or Optional
Additional notes you would like included on the shelf tag and/or website
For supplies: include brand, description, etc. 


Available Formats:

The bookstore offers a comprehensive textbook rental program and offers digital formats, where available.  Your required course materials will automatically be included in these programs unless otherwise requested. 

The bookstore will do their best to have your required course materials on the shelf in time for the first day of class, depending on availability from various used wholesalers, online marketplaces, and publishers. 

Access to HERO Online Platform:

Access the HERO online platform to submit course material adoptions to the bookstore, see price comparisons with leading online retailers, and negotiate digital pricing directly with the publishers with just one-click.  Use your DSU email address and DSU Network password to access.

Faculty Orientation for HERO Video
Faculty User Guide


Need Assistance:

Questions about course material adoptions or HERO should be directed to DSU Bookstore, (605)256-5173 or bookstore@dsu.edu.




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