How To:  Duplicating & Extending Displays (Win)

How To:  Duplicating & Extending Displays (Windows)



How to show your computer screen on an external monitor or projector.


Before you begin:

Connect your computer to the display device using the appropriate video cable. It will likely be HDMI or VGA.



Press the Windows button and the P button and the same time.

Image result for windows P

This will bring a screen to select how you would like to display your screen on the external monitor or projector.

List of projection options screen shot

There are four options to choose from. Select the best option for your use.

PC screen only -  Your screen will only show on your computer. No video output will be sent to the external display.

Duplicate – The external display will “mirror” or show the same screen as your laptop.

Extend - Allows the user to display a single document or application across multiple monitors, or use each monitor to display a different document or application.

Second screen only – Will turn off the PC screen and only show on the external monitor



PowerPoint presenter view will change your display settings to extended. This allows notes to be shown on the presenter’s laptop while the audience sees the presentation on the external display. Occasionally Windows will not switch this setting back when PowerPoint is closed or minimized. In this case you will need to press Windows + P and select Duplicate.


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