How To:  Duplicating & Extending Displays (Mac)

How To:  Duplicating & Extending Displays (MacOS)



How to mirror and extend MacBook display to an external monitor.


Before you begin:

Connect your device to an external monitor with the appropriate video cable.



Hold down command (cmd) + F1, this will cycle your display between mirror and extend.

Mac keyboard with the command key and F1 key circled

Alternatively, click System Preferences then Displays.

Mac System preferences icon screen shot  Displays icon screen shot

It will bring up the Built-in Display window

Built-in Display dialogue box screen shot

Go to Arrangement


Built-in Display dialogue box with the arrangement tab selected screen shot

Click on mirror displays to duplicate your displays

Mirror Displays check box screen shot

If it is unchecked then it will extend your displays

Need assistance? 

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