Install: Ensemble Anthem

Install:  Ensemble Anthem



Ensemble Anthem is a screen-capture solution supporting lecture capture, screen capture and flipped learning needs.  Ensemble Anthem enables users to easily record their screen movements with audio, and/or record video from a webcam.  Once the user has finished their screen capture it is automatically uploaded into their Ensemble Video library and can be auto-published to any playlist.


Before you begin:

Anthem will allow you to create video and audio recordings on your laptop and links directly with your Ensemble media library.

Log into the Ensemble Video server with your DSU network username and password at 

Note: Your username is not your email address


Installation Instructions:

Click Media Library from the left pane.

Media Library selection in left panel screen shot

Click the Record button. If there is no button open a quick ticket at to request a license for Anthem.

NOTE:  If Anthem is not installed the installer will launch. If Anthem is installed the program will start.

Record button selection screen shot

Select your OS from the top tab and click the Download button.

Operating System selection screen shot


Save to the desktop (or directory of choice)

Open the downloaded file to start the installation.

File explorer download location screenshot


Select the Mac tab.

Click the download button and drag ensemble anthem to the apps folder.


Need assistance? 

Submit a quick ticket at for any questions or assistance.


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