Creating Videos with Anthem

Creating Videos with Anthem



Ensemble Anthem is a screen-capture solution supporting lecture capture, screen capture and flipped learning needs.  Ensemble Anthem enables users to easily record their screen movements with audio, and/or record video from a webcam.  Once the user has finished their screen capture it is automatically uploaded into their Ensemble Video library and can be auto-published to any playlist.


Before you begin:

Be sure you have installed Anthem before following this tutorial.

Log into the Ensemble Video server with your DSU network credentials.

Recording Videos:

You can start recording videos two different ways using Anthem:

You can hit the record button from media library

You can open Anthem program by going to start and typing in anthem or by using finder you can pin this to your task bar by right clicking and selecting pin to taskbar

If you do not see a record button, open a quick ticket at

Ensemble web page record button screen shot

Anthem start menu search screen shot

Once you have started anthem it will open in the lower right corner. The four tabs at the top are Record, Library, Settings, and Help.

Anthem main window screen shot


Settings Tab:

The Settings tab contains the options for what camera to use, what quality to record in, microphone to use, and where the video will be saved locally your computer. These options will not likely need to be changed unless you are using an external USB device for your webcam or microphone.

To change where the videos will be locally saved, click the Browse button, and navigate to the directory of your choosing.

Anthem settings tab screenshot


Library Tab:

The Library tab shows videos you have created with Anthem. The videos will show whether they have been uploaded. By hovering your mouse over a video, you can see icons for deleting or editing videos as well.

Anthem Library tab screen shot

Record Tab:

The Record tab is how you start recording videos.

There are four recording options to choose from:

Screen- will record what is on your screen or you can choose to select a portion of your screen.

Screen & Webcam - will record your screen with your webcam in a smaller window (Picture in Picture or PiP). The webcam video can be dragged anywhere on the screen and resized at any time during the recording.

Webcam- Will record only your webcam.

Voice- Will record only an audio file from your microphone.

Anthem record tab screen shot

Drawing Tools:

Once you have started your recording pressing alt + D brings up the drawing tools on the screen.

The Drawing tools include:

Pen - allows you to write on the screen by either using your mouse, or your touchscreen.

Highlighter - allows you to highlight text on your screen.

Undo/redo - will remove or re add deleted drawings

Shapes – A variety of shapes can be quickly added to you video.

Clear - allows you to remove all the drawing that you have made.

Done- Will clear and close the drawing tools. Drawing tools can be brought back up at any time using the shortcut alt +D



To pause/resume your recording press alt + P. Pressing the done button will clear your screen of all the drawing that you have done.

Anthem pause/resume notification screen shot


Clicking and dragging on the webcam allows you to move it anytime during the recording. You may also resize it by clicking and dragging the sides of the webcam video.

To bring up the recording toolbar during a recording click the Anthem program icon from the Windows or Mac tool bar. The toolbar will allow you to bring up the drawing tools, pause, stop (Done), or cancel the recording.

Anthem toolbar icon and recording toolbar screen shot


Stop Recording:

To end a recording click the Done button.

Anthem recording toolbar screen shot

After you have hit the Done button, your recording will open in the editor.

The editor allows you to Trim, Chop, Add titles, and credits.

Anthem recording editor screen shot


Trim – Allows you to set new starting or ending points for a video. Drag the handles to the desired start and finish times and hit apply.

Anthem trim tool screen shot


Chop – Allow you to cut on parts in the middle of the video. The part between the handles will be deleted. Hit apply to make your changes.

Anthem chop tool screen shot


Titles / Credits - you can create a title and credit slide for the beginning and end of your video. Titles and credits are similar to a PowerPoint slide. Hit the apply button to make your changes.
Titles/Credits tool screen shot

When you are done editing your video click the Done button.

 Anthem Done button screen shot

Once you have completed your edits and hit Done, you can add a title and description to your video.

Upload – Uploads your video to your media library.

Preview – Brings you back to the video editor

Save – Save your video to upload or make edits later. A local copy will always be saved unless you have check the box to remove local copy after upload in the settings tab when Anthem starts.

Note: You will still need to log into to publish your video to your class playlist after you have uploaded it.

Anthem Upload Options dialogue box screen shot

Clicking the Close button will exit Anthem.

Anthem close button screen shot


Need assistance?  

Email for any questions or assistance.



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