Adding Annotations in Ensemble

Adding Annotations in Ensemble



This tutorial will cover how to add Annotations to your Ensemble video.  Annotations allow you to make timestamped shortcuts to certain parts of a video.

A good use for annotations would be if there have been many of the same questions asked about an assignment; the professor could add an annotation for students to quickly find the section of the video that answers the question.


Before you begin:

Read and have completed Tutorial: Adding Videos to a Playlist.

Log into the Ensemble Video server with your DSU network credentials.


Installation Instructions:

Find the video that you want to add annotations to and click the manage button.

Manage button screen shot

Click on the Annotate button in the top right of the screen.

Annotate tab screen shot

This allows you to watch the video and put comments in at specific times. Jump to the time you would like to add the annotation and pause the video at that spot.

Type your comments in the text box and click Save.

As you create your annotations they will appear in the right-hand column. You can edit the annotation by clicking it in the right-hand column, enter new text, and click save.

Annotations editor screen shot 

If you decide that you want to delete some of your annotations select the check box of an annotation you want to delete and click the remove button. You can also remove all the annotations that you have created by checking the box next to select all, and then click the remove button.

Annotation check box and remove button screen shot

When you are done adding annotations, click on the continue button located on the bottom right.

Continue button screen shot

You will be brought to the publish page. You can add the video to any playlists if you have not already. Click Publish to finish.

Note: Adding annotations does not create a new video. Your video will remain in any playlists it was in before adding or removing annotations.

Publish button screen shot

There is also an option to create preset annotations and to do this begin by clicking the Administration button located on the right side of the screen, then clicking on library, then on annotation presets.

Annotation presets button screen shot

To use these custom presets in a video, click on the Custom Presets which will be located right underneath the save, and clear buttons.

Custom presets button screen shot

To use the annotations while viewing the videos click on the annotations tab located on the top of video.

Annotations tab screen shot

Then click on any of the annotations that have been created to jump to that timestamp in the video.



No Annotations tab in playlist – Make sure you have enabled annotations in your playlist settings. See the Adding Videos to a Playlist tutorial


Need assistance? 

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