Trimming Videos in Ensemble

Trimming Videos in Ensemble



How to edit videos already added to your Ensemble media library.


Before you begin:

Review Tutorial: Uploading & Deleting Videos from Media Library and have a video in your media library.

Log into the Ensemble Video server with your DSU network credentials.



Go to your Media Library and choose a video that you want to trim and click the Manage button.

Manage button screen shot

Click on the trim button in the top right corner.

Trim tab screen shot

To set a new start time of your video, navigate to where you would like your video to begin and click the Start button. To set the end time do the same and click the End button.

 You can also give your new clip a different title. Click on Save Clip. Your edited video is now in your media library.

Start time, end time, and name text box screen shot


Need assistance? 

Email for any questions or assistance.


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