Adding Videos to a Playlist and Sharing a Link

Adding Videos to a Playlist



How to add videos from your Media Library to a Playlist and create a permalink (shareable link for students.)

Publishing and sharing content individually from the Media Library works well for a single video, but a playlist lets you create a collection of content that can be accessed with a single link. Once a playlist is created, Ensemble Video users can Publish items in their Media Library and Shared Library to their Playlist.


Before you begin:

Read Tutorial: Uploading & Deleting Videos from Media Library.

Have at least one video added to your Media Library.

Log into the Ensemble Video server with your DSU network credentials.



Click the Playlist button from the left side pane.

Ensemble playlist tab screen shot

The next page will show all playlists you have created as well as the ability to add and delete playlists. Click the Add button to create a new playlist.


Ensemble Playlist add button screen shot

Give your playlist a name. The class, semester, and year would be a good way to name playlists. If you would like your videos to be able to be downloaded check the Allow Download box. Once named click the save button to create your playlist.

Playlist name text box, allow download checkbox, and save button screen shot

To add a video to your new playlist, click Media Library from the left side pane. Find a video you would like to add to the playlist and click the publish button below it.

Publish button screen shot

You can add a video to as many playlists as you would like without re-uploading a video.

Note: If you would like to have your video published at a certain date or time click the Schedule Publishing button at the bottom.

Playlist check boxes screen shot

Once you have published a video to your playlist we can create a permalink to that playlist so others can access it. You can paste this link in your D2L course for students to view.

a.    Click the playlist button in the left side pane.

b.    Click Create Permalink on the playlist you want a link for. After you click it the button will say Permalink, click it again to see the link.

Playlist Permalink button screen shot

 There are several options that you can choose to enable. It is recommended that you enable attachments, annotations, and caption search. From the Advanced Settings check duration, links, and date produced. This will ensure that if you add any of these features later they will be available.


Permalink options and advanced settings screen shot


Need assistance? 

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