EasyMP: Installation

EasyMP:  Installing



EasyMP is the Epson projector software used in all DSU classrooms.  This software is pre-loaded on all DSU issued tablets and devices.  If you are using your own device in the classroom, you will need to download and install this software.

Installing this software will allow you to connect to DSU’s classroom projector wirelessly.


Before you begin:

Download the EasyMP software for your device (Windows or MacOS) from the Epson site:  DOWNLOAD HERE

To view installation video, CLICK HERE.


EasyMP Installation Instructions:

Double click your downloaded .exe or .dmg file to install.

NOTE: On newer versions of MacOS you may have to right click and select 'open' to install.

Choose defaults, agree to license agreement and click Finish.


Loading DSU profile list:

Download and Save the DSU_Profile for your operating system.  You will find these files in the Files(2) box located to the right of this article.
DSU profile download screen shot


Start the EasyMP, choose Advanced Connection Mode and check the “Set the selected Connection Mode” box, then click OK.
Select Connection Mode dialogue box screen shot


You may see a firewall notification choose Yes to allow.
Firewall notification pop up screen shot


Click OK when “No projector was found” message to continue.
No projector was found message screen shot


To load the profile click “Set options”.
Set options button screen shot


Click “Edit profile”.
Edit profile button screen shot


NOTE:  If you have a previous profile installed you will need to remove it before adding the updated profile list.  To remove the old profile highlight the “DSU” folder and click Delete.  If you do not see a “DSU” folder then you do not currently have an old profile loaded.

To add the new profile, click “Import”.
Import button screen shot


Navigate to the location you downloaded the profile, select and click Open.
Select and open DSU profile screen shot


Once you have updated the profile you will see a “DSU” folder and should see all the campus buildings from the drop down menu.  Expand by clicking the + to the left of the DSU folder.
DSU projector profile list screen shot


Choosing projector while in a classroom/conference room:

After opening EasyMP program, click Profile icon from the top menu bar, this will display the list of projectors available to you.  Find your building and click to select.
Profile drop down list screen shot

Once available projectors are listed, find your location and check the box next to projector and click
Projector list for East Hall and connect button screen shot



I only see one building in the profile list.  Delete DSU folder in Set Options and re-import profile list.

If a projector shows up as “not found” make sure the projector is turned ON.

If you have connected to the projector but it is not showing – make sure the LAN input (labeled EasyMP on some AV controllers) is selected.

If your wireless internet gets disconnected while running the EasyMP Epson client it means they selected quick connect instead of Advanced.  To fix select “Set options” and check the “Display connection mode selection window on startup”.  Close the program and reopen and select “Advanced connection”.


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