SharePoint: Connecting SP to File Explorer

SharePoint:  Connecting SP to File Explorer



SharePoint allows you to connect your shared documents library directly to your local File Explorer. 

If you are uploading a big group of files to SharePoint, it can be cumbersome to try to fit them all into the drag-and-drop window. Or maybe you want to copy a lot of files out of SharePoint onto, say, a thumb drive for transport. Luckily there's a way to make your SharePoint site's document libraries appear just like any other disk in your file system.


Before you begin:

Using Internet Explorer (IE) navigate to your shared document library.

 NOTE: You must use Internet Explorer for this procedure. Other web browsers will not work.

Setup Instructions:

Open with Explorer Option

Open a document library within your Web browser (Internet Explorer works best for this), and, to bring up the tools ribbon, click anywhere within the folders area.

Shared Document Folder view screen shot


From the Library tools group, click the Library tab.

Library tab screen shot


Then, from the Connect & Export Ribbon group, click Open with Explorer.

Open with Explorer screen shot


You may get a security warning you need to acknowledge -- click OK or Yes on this, depending on how your system is configured.

You'll get a standard Windows Explorer or File Explorer window just like you're used to.

In this example, we are moving the “sysportfolio” folder over to our Quick Access in File Explorer.  Simply click and drag this folder from the explorer address bar.

Pin to Quick Access screen shot

Once copied to Quick Access in Explorer you can drag folder to organize however you like.

FIle Explorer screen shot with new Quick Access favorite

Copy, paste, cut, and move to your heart's content from here.  Note, anything cut or deleted will also be removed from server.

Remove from File Explore Quick Access:

To remove folder from your File Explorer’s Quick Access, simply right-click the folder and choose Unpin from Quick access.  This does not delete the folder itself, but removes the link from your File Explorer.

Unpin from Quick Access screen shot

Off-Campus Access:

This Quick Access link in File Explorer will be available to you while you are off campus with your device.  Note that you will be required to login/authenticate when accessing.  Be sure to use your DSU\username credentials when logging in.  Your email address will not work here.


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