SDBOR Portal Upgrade: Information for Content Contributors

Upgrade Information:  For SDBoR Portal Content Contributors



The SDBOR portal has been converted to Ellucian’s Portal 4.2.1 and SharePoint 2013.  The concept and basic structure of the site is not changing with this site.  However, you will find that there are a few differences in which content contributors interact with the new environment.  Here is what content contributors and site administrators need to know.


Editing Site Content:

The SharePoint 2010 Site Actions menu has moved to the upper right corner in SharePoint 2013 and is now represented as a gear icon.

Site actions menu screen shott

The ‘Site Contents’ item takes the place of the ‘View All Site Content’.   You have access to all libraries, lists and other items associated specifically with this site or subsite here.   If you are familiar with using ‘Manage Content and Structure’, a link for this tool is now located in the ‘Site settings’ menu.  The Site settings menu Item functions the same as it did in SharePoint 2010.

The remainder of the items in this menu are intuitive:

·         ‘Edit page’ – edit the page currently being displayed.

·         ‘Add a page’ – add another page in the same subsite that you are currently located in.

·         ‘Add an app’ – use this item to add document libraries, custom lists, and other items to your site.


Getting information about documents in SharePoint 2013:

To get more information about your document:

1.    Navigate to either the document library containing the document or a web part that displays a view containing the document.

a.    Observe the ellipse (…) to the right of the document.

Ellipse screen shot

b.    Click on the ellipse

                                         i.    A thumbnail preview of the document may appear

                                        ii.    A textbox appears below the document preview, containing a fully qualified link to the document.

                                       iii.    Below that are several other links and an ellipse which have many functions relating specifically to the document.

Ellipse drop down menu options screen shot


Uploading Documents to SharePoint 2013:

To upload a document to a SharePoint 2013 library:

1.    Open a Windows Explorer or File Explorer window

2.    Select a document(s) which you wish to upload.

3.    Drag the selection and hover over the intended target in your SharePoint 2013 site.  The target location may be:

a.    Any web part that displays content from a library in that site

b.    Any document library to which you have permission.

4.    A colored (commonly blue) border appears around the perimeter of the web part or document library where you are hovering over.

5.    Release the mouse button to upload the file(s).

6.    SharePoint displays progress of the upload and then finally a confirmation that the files were successfully uploaded.


Editing Pages – Moving Web Parts Around:

This functionality is essentially unchanged from the old portal.  Add web parts by clicking the ‘Add a Web Part’ link in the various zones around your page.   Web parts can be moved from position to position by simply dragging and dropping them.  The four-headed arrow that appears while hovering over a web part’s title bar indicates that the web part can be moved.


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