Used Tablet Purchase Question

Are remote/online students eligible to purchase used tablets?

What comes with them, docking station, are they available for purchase?
0 Answers
John Bonar Last activity on 12/23/2019 2:47:19 PM by John Bonar

Colored Printers

Where on campus, if there are any, are the colored printers, and can student utilize them?
0 Answers
Ashley Foster Last activity on 10/28/2019 9:50:38 AM by Ashley Foster

Adding user to a group in Ensemble

I'm trying to add another user to a group in Ensemble, so that the videos we make will all be able to be put in the same playlist. I go to Settings / Organization / Users and then I attempt to search for the individual to add and no resul...
0 Answers
Mary Francis Last activity on 10/7/2019 3:52:11 PM by Mary Francis

Xbox Internet

Me and my roomate can't connect to the gaming internet. It has been down since last friday and we can't figure out how to reconnect. I tried re connecting it by registration but that also didn't work.
0 Answers
Nathan Roets Last activity on 9/24/2019 5:06:45 PM by Nathan Roets

Connecting email to iphone

Can I get the information necessary to connect my trojan email to my iphone? This would include the server info, domain, etc.
0 Answers
Tanner Larson Last activity on 8/19/2019 5:22:29 PM by Tanner Larson

Student email

How do I load my dsu email onto my Android phone.
0 Answers
Ty Christensen Last activity on 7/22/2019 2:42:50 PM by Ty Christensen

Laptop Return Procedure

I just had a few questions about returning the laptops for the summer. What happens to the laptops we return? Are they held on to for the next academic year for the same student? Is the hard drive wiped? What are the expectations for retu...
0 Answers
Jacob Weber Last activity on 4/28/2019 7:24:17 PM by Jacob Weber

Why can't I see any or all of My Courses in D2L?

1 Answer
Jack Joy Last activity on 11/1/2017 12:19:14 PM by Stephanie Baatz

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