Make Use of D2L Tools

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One the QM requirements is that appropriate and effective use is made of the tools provided by the course management system. The most commonly used tools include:

  1. Content

    D2L provides the Content tool for organizing course content. You can post almost type of files in the Content area. Content is organized as "modules" and "topics". Primary advantages in using the Content tool include: (a) You can have release control over each module and topic, based on student group membership or learning performances, and (b) You can easily copy content modules and topics from one course to another course in D2L.

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  2. Dropbox

    Dropbox is the place where the instructor posts assignments, students submit (by uploading) their work, the instructor downloads and grades students' submissions, and students get the instructor's feedback. Each assignment (Dropbox folder) can be connected to a grade item in the grade book.

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  3. Discuss

    While Course Mail may be the most common tool for individual communication, the discussion board is probably the most popular tool for sharing messages among a group of people. The instructor can set up different forums in the D2L discussion area. Forums can be set up based on tasks, topics, and/or group membership.

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  4. Grades

    When setting up assignments in the Dropbox and quizzes, the instructor has the option to connect the assignments and quizzes to associated grade items in the grade book. The instructor can also create grade items that are not associated with any Dropbox folder or quiz, such as field experience trip or lab session. 

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  5. Course Mail

    The Course Mail tool is system-wide. When you open Course Mail, you can see mails from all classes you're enrolled in. However, you can use filters to sort incoming messages by class.  

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  6. Classlist

    Classlist is more than a class roster. It allows the instructor to quickly monitor student performances and communicate with the students. In the class list, the instructor can send course mails to selected students, enroll and un-enroll students, change enrollment status for selected students, and view students' progress.

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  7. Calendar

    Calendar can help keep students informed of upcoming events and assignments. An instructor can add an event to the Calendar and release it to the whole class.

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